As a drummer, the recording studio is one of my favourite environments. This is where music evolves from the composer’s ideas to the music the listening audience will hear. The musician’s parts, choice of sounds and tones and the producer and engineer’s knowledge of how to capture them, all work hand-in-hand to bring a song to life. It’s a beautiful process and I love being a part of it…

Jenny Mayhem Shifter (Single)
(Independent, 2012)
Kevin Mendes – Drums




Emma-Lee Backseat Heroine
(eOne/Special Agent, 2011)

Not Coming By (Drums)
Backseat Heroine (Drums)
Figure It Out (Drums)
The Pool Of Tears (Drums)
Today’s Another Yesterday (Drums/Percussion)
Shadow of a Ghost (Drums/Percussion)


Jenny Mayhem Wide Open EP
(Independent, 2011)
Kevin Mendes – Producer, Drums



Loveseat Self-titled EP
(Independent, 2010)

Drinking Song (Drums)
Headspin (Drums)




Chris Assaad Gloryfire
(Independent, 2009)

Pave The Way (Drums)
Use It (Drums)
Empty Room (Drums)
Revelation (Drums)
Time To Change (Drums/Percussion)


Emma-Lee Never Just A Dream
(Independent, 2008)

That Sinking Feeling (Drums/Percussion)
Never Just A Dream (Drums)
Flow (Drums)
Isn’t It Obvious (Drums/Percussion)