Conclusions (Only Human)

I’m super proud and pumped to share with you a song from an upcoming album I produced for a great singer/songwriter named Andrew Hanna. Conclusions (Only Human) is the first single from the album Time Will Tell. It was an enormous amount of fun and a mountain of hard work, mixed with some heart and soul to bring the songs on this album to life. The full album will be released in spring 2015.

All songs on Time Will Tell were recorded at Verge Music Lab in Toronto. “Conclusions (Only Human)” features a stellar keyboard solo played by Jeff Heisholt (The Trews, Littlefoot) and vocal harmonies by the wonderfully talented Larra Skye, as well as other great musician friends. In addition to producing all the songs on the album, I also played drums and percussion and broke a few personal records along the way. The album is chalk full of awesome musical tidbits including some string and horn arrangements I had the pleasure of writing…unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the entire album is released to hear those 😉

Here’s “Conclusions (Only Human)”. Enjoy!

New music by Jenny Mayhem

Hi friends,
So this year has been a big studio year for me. I’ve had the pleasure of recording on the drums for a few artists and even taking the producer’s chair on a project (more about that later). One of them, a singer by the name of Jenny Mayhem, just released her single “Bad Girls” with the B-side “Where Are You Now?”. I recorded the drums to both tracks earlier this year and they’re finally done, released and ready for your listening ears. Enjoy!
For more info about the artist, please visit:

The Extra Mile

So I’ve been getting together with a good friend of mine named Brian, to compile a list of songs we’d like to cover. The idea is to have a sweet low-key regular gig/hang at a great venue where we can play some good tunes that don’t often get heard. In a pinch, I had to make a demo with Brian because I came across a potential gig offer. We recorded the tunes as a duo (we’ve been purposefully crafting arrangements that will work well that way) although we might potentially get a few close friends on board if the gig allows. We’re calling it, The Extra Mile. I was quite impressed at how good the demo tunes turned out, so I figured I’d share it with all of you. Enjoy!